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MBA Specialization Programs

Master of Business Management (MBA) is a 2 year programme which aims at making a candidate expertise in all the subjects of management and an expert for one. The first year of MBA focuses on providing students brief idea about various subjects of management during both the semesters.

In the second year, the student has to choose one specialization of his choice from the range of specializations available during his last semester. The second year subjects cover detailed study about the specialization opted by the student. Choosing a specialization is a process which is done while taking up the course. It is very important for student to consider their career goals and professional development before choosing a specialization.

Banking & Finance

MBA in Banking Management gives you an in-depth knowledge of finance considering the demand of the employee in the market today. This course will consolidate and build upon your existing knowledge of corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers.
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Operation Management

Operations management is the corporate area in charge of managing, tracking different processes and designing. MBA specialization in operations management includes all the activities required to deliver and create a service or product, from selecting suppliers and/or raw materials to supply chain management and distribution.
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Human Resource Management

The MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management is the way to gain a deeper understanding of human resource management and extend your MBA to meet specific career requirements. The MBA for HR includes skills to find and solve problems in the management of human resources.
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Finance Management

MBA in Finance course is designed to clear basic concepts, solving financial management problems & analytical techniques applicable in identifying financial needs of the system. The course objectives are to integrate the various topics included in managerial finance.
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Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing management, such as product development, brand management, services marketing, retailing, business to business marketing and marketing for non-profit organizations.
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Design Management

Design is important in every career field. A Design Manager is involved in different processes that are crucial to develop a creative culture in an organisation. Potential career is Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, and Corporate Manager.
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Hospitality Management

MBA in Hospitality Management prepares young professionals for senior managerial positions through a focus on data-driven decision making, value development, problem solving, leadership development and strategic business.
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Infrastructure & Construction Management

MBA in construction management course aims to teach the students project management knowledge and help them develop skill sets that enable execution of real estate, efficient planning and infrastructure projects and construction.
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Network Infrastructure Management

MBA in Network Infrastructure Management main objective of this course is to impart skills in trouble shooting, network infrastructure management, repair and setup to be used in IT departments in many fields where data and information is stored and transferred with the use of computers.
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International Business

MBA International Business Management course is designed to increase your earning power, expand your global network and provide opportunities for mobility in your international career. This course opens potential career options in business development manager, projects and strategy officer, business management consultant, business analyst.
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BPO Management

MBA in BPO Management course helps to gain talent pool in the industry which enhances the economy growth. Potential career is bpo manager, bpo operations manager, online training manager and marketing manager.
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Material Management

Materials Management include campus planning and building design for the movement of materials, aims to develop their functional expertise in the store and purchase management discipline or with logistics that deal with the tangible components of a supply chain.
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Retail Management

Retail management pertains to the task of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in strict business terms. Retail management is best career for those who feel an interest towards sales markets, commodities, diversification of businesses, market segments, advertising and campaigning, and marketing research.
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Risk and Insurance Management

The Insurance and Risk Management concentration examines the techniques useful to organizations, corporations and individuals in minimizing the potential financial losses arising from their exposure to risk.
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Telecom Management

MBA in telecom Management is an interdisciplinary program which covers business-management, technology and regulation. Potential career is Telecom Account Manager, Telecom Analyst, Telecom Installer, Telecommunications Manager and Project Manager.
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Hospital Management

MBA in Hospitality management aims to prepare qualified and efficient administrators to manage hospitals, train the candidate in various methods of administration of hospitals, develop better systems for effective delivery of healthcare in hospitals, training the candidate in developing better leadership skills and understanding the concepts of organizational behavior and human resource management.
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Project Management

MBA in project management course is designed to prepare students for emerging industry sectors which are very complex and challenging. This course opens potential career options Project Specialist, Project Administrator, Project Support Officer and Project Management Consultant.
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Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a unique and exciting opportunity in the field of business management. This course covers areas including strategic purchasing, sourcing and contract management, operations management as well as logistics, warehousing and distribution as required by almost all companies around the world.
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Wealth Management

MBA in wealth management provides an overview of the real-world considerations that are needed to connect all the singular functional areas that comprise personal business management and wealth such as tax and estate planning, life investment management, medical and long-term care coverage, liability, property/casualty insurance and philanthropy considerations, retirement.
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IT Management

An online MBA in Information Technology Management can help you get ahead in a rapidly changing technological environment. This program gives you a valuable combination in today’s highly technical business world, strong foundation in business management.
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Energy Management

MBA programs focusing on energy management instruct students on how to apply theories to environmental/energy law, management, energy trading and global energy markets. Potential career in this stream are energy analyst, energy advisor, energy auditor and energy and sustainability manager.
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Fire Protection & Safety Management

Fire Protection Safety is an important requisite these days in any construction. JNU provides various materials, guideline tutorials and reference books list for studying online fire protection safety management MBA course. A Fire Protection & Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing the fire protection system in the construction and inspecting the adequacy of the safety measures that are taken.
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Piping Design Management

Piping design is a key element in different streams of engineering. It helps mechanical, system designers, packaging and manufacturing engineers to accurately route document, design and produce complex piping and while optimally re-using designs for dramatic time savings and improvements in productivity.
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