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What are eligibility criteria for examination / when can student appear for the examination?

Following are the eligibility criteria for the students to appear for examination

Sr.No Admission/Enrollment month Examination cycle
1 1st October to 31st March – Eligible on: July/August(Every Year)
2 1st April to 30th September – Eligible on: January/February(Every Year)

Assignment completed for the exam appearing semester as per the assignment submission date.
It is mandatory to fill up the exam form with applicable fees (Only first attempt is free)

The fees applicable are as follows,

Sr.No Fee Title Amount
1 Backlog exam fees for Indian students Rs. 500/- Per subject

What will be the examination cycle / examination schedule?
Examinations are conducted in the months of Jan-Feb and July-August every year.

What is the procedure to appear for backlog examination?
Backlogs can be taken during any examination cycle (i.e. Jan-Feb or July-August) by submitting the examination form along with the applicable backlog examination fees.

What is the mode of examination?
Examinations are conducted by Paper-Pencil mode at JNU Campus.

What is the duration of examination?
Examination duration is 1hr.

How the students will be evaluated?
Students will be evaluated on the basis of the assignments and examinations.
Every subject will have minimum1 assignment after solving which student will be eligible to give his/her final examination for that particular subject.
Assignments will carry 30% of the weightage at the time of certification and examination will carry 70% weight age.

When will the results be declared?
Students will be evaluated on the basis of the assignments and examinations.
The results are declared in 60 days of time period, however this varies. Students will be intimated soon after results are declared.
Results are published in the student’s ‘My account’ – Progress Report.

What is the Pass percentage?
Student need to score 30% in Internal and External exams individually and 40% total score in each subject

What documents needed while appearing the examination?
Students are required to carry Hall Ticket, University ID & Photo ID (Driving license, PAN card etc.)